In addition to his life-long passion for music, Daniel has also found a great love in healing movement arts. After initial exposure to and dedicated practice of Yoga in the Shivananda tradition, Daniel experienced a deep transformation by way of the subtle yet powerful art of Tai Chi. This form of meditative movement which has its roots in Chinese martial and healing arts not only complemented and supported Daniel’s ideals about musicianship and the mind/body connection, but also opened many doors to a deeper and richer career and life.

After years of near-daily practice and study, Daniel felt a need to learn more about the human body, which lead him to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. During his training he was particularly drawn to Eastern bodywork modalities, such as Shiatsu and Reflexology. These studies, his experience in the field, and continued practice further deepened Daniel’s understanding of the immense benefits of Tai Chi, as well as sparked a desire to share it with others.

Since receiving his teacher’s blessing and becoming certified as an instructor, Daniel has taught Tai Chi both publicly and privately in the greater Chicago area for nearly a decade. His experience as a teacher has allowed him to work in a variety of settings, including schools, retirement homes, hospitals, and music conventions, encouraging and empowering people from all walks of life.

Simultaneously, Daniel expanded on his expertise by studying an practicing a form of Taoist Yoga, bringing his initial interest in movement and wellness arts full circle. Also based in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang Yoga combines natural and playful ways of stretching and breathing with learning to recognize and embody elemental energies. This allows the practitioner to develop a holistic mindful movement practice that helps in growing the body and mind stronger and more supple. Daniel received his certification after over 300 hours of training with the arts’ founder and has since incorporated it as another facet to his services.

Daniel currently teaches both Tai Chi and Yoga full-time for the greater Chicago area Veteran’s Association.